Springtime in the City

This past April, the mate had to travel to New York City for work, and I decided to join him. The trip held plenty of firsts for me: my first flight, my first time traveling north of Tennessee, and my first time being surrounded by millions of people. The entire occasion was a little bittersweet: while thrilled at the overall experience of such a massive city, I wasn’t so thrilled with New Jersey [in my opinion the worst state possible], my extreme exhaustion, and the shortness of the trip [only two days]. But I still can’t wait to go back.

The City. 


The mate snapped this shot as I walked out of his friend’s apartment in Brooklyn.



Central Park


These guys were playing System of a Down songs. Too cool.



We happened upon the Ballerina Mime, who would pose perfectly still until someone put money in her bucket. Then, as a thank you, she’d do a subtle ballet number and resume her motionless position. For more photographs & information, check out her MySpace profile.



The Metropolitan Museum of Art




The Staten Island Ferry







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