Springtime in the City

This past April, the mate had to travel to New York City for work, and I decided to join him. The trip held plenty of firsts for me: my first flight, my first time traveling north of Tennessee, and my first time being surrounded by millions of people. The entire occasion was a little bittersweet: while thrilled at the overall experience of such a massive city, I wasn’t so thrilled with New Jersey [in my opinion the worst state possible], my extreme exhaustion, and the shortness of the trip [only two days]. But I still can’t wait to go back.

The City. 


The mate snapped this shot as I walked out of his friend’s apartment in Brooklyn.



Central Park


These guys were playing System of a Down songs. Too cool.



We happened upon the Ballerina Mime, who would pose perfectly still until someone put money in her bucket. Then, as a thank you, she’d do a subtle ballet number and resume her motionless position. For more photographs & information, check out her MySpace profile.



The Metropolitan Museum of Art




The Staten Island Ferry






A Tour of Atlanta

I have a love/hate relationship with the Capital of the South, ATL, Hotlanta, the City that’s too Busy to Hate [ha!], whatever you want to call it, that I’ve been living in for the past year. Yes, traffic and panhandlers are as bad as you’ve been told, but the city has a few charms. I can never resist my addiction to going to the High Museum on the first Saturday every month when there’s free admission. I love strolling around Downtown, Midtown, and Piedmont Park when it’s cool enough, with my camera wrapped around my arm. And of course, it’s delightfully entertaining to watch the crazies that walk the streets at all hours of the day.




the Jimmy Carter Center.



Atlantic Station.



the High Museum of Art.



the Georgia Aquarium.



Little Five Points.