Atlanta Area Cemeteries

About three years ago, I developed a strange fascination with photographing cemeteries. My curiosity isn’t stimulated at all by morbidity; rather, I’m enthralled by the architecture, monuments, and overall beauty that most cemeteries hold inside.


Greenwood Cemetery

1173 Cascade Rd SW


Greenwood is probably the most diverse cemetery in the Atlanta area.

It contains distinct Greek, Jewish, and Asian sections.





Oakland Cemetery


248 Oakland Ave SE


Established in 1850, Oakland is the oldest cemetery in Atlanta, and it survived the Civil War. At over 88 acres, Historic Oakland holds the graves of several notable individuals, including Margaret Mitchell [author of Gone with the Wind], Bobby Jones [professional golfer], Joseph Jacobs [creator of Coca-Cola], Maynard Jackson [first African-American mayor of Atlanta], and many others. The cemetery regularly holds family events, such as Sunday in the Park, and is a favorite spot to walk the dog or get some exercise.









Rose Hill & Riverside Cemeteries


Riverside Drive, Macon, Georgia


These two cemeteries [established in the late 1800s] coexist in close proximity to each other & a nearby river. Both are filled with exalting flora, rolling hills, and breathtaking monuments to those passed on years ago.